Clickout Dos

Creating Flows

You can create new flows under the flow page hitting the create new button.

Set General Information

The first step for creating the flow is setting up the name and description of the flow. Usually flow names refer to their audiences (next section) so they can be easily identified.

Add Design to the flow

The second part of the flow allow you to select all the popup colors so that they adapt to your branding making the experience for the user as smooth as possible. At the same time you modify the colors you can see them reflected on the popup at the right side of the page.

Set up and audience

An audience is one of the most important parts of the flow creation. Segmenting users allows us to ask the right questions and give the best possible offers for each canceller user. We can segment users through the information we extract from stripe:
  • Plan: The plan(product) that the user is subscribed to.
  • Subscription Price: How much the user pays for the subscription.
  • Billing Interval: Monthly/Annual.
  • Subscription Age: How much time have the user been subscribed.
  • Subscription Start Date: When the user subscribed.
  • Subscription Status: Active/Inactive
As things are better understood with an example, let's create an audience for segmenting users with the following characteristics: Users that have been paying more than 500$ monthly for more than 3 months.

Creating a Survey

The first thing that the user trying to cancel the account will face is the survey. Through the survey we can collect feedback and, as we will see in the next section we can also map the offers. Creating a survey is so simple, it only takes to set the title(the question you want the users to answer), the description and the possible options the user can choose.

Mapping the offers

After creating the survey we can associate the answers of the survey to the offers we want to grant to the users in order to retain them. We currently have two types of offers:


Clickout gives the possibility to offer coupons and discounts to the user. These coupons are first created in stripe and imported into the app through our stripe native integration. The title header and main message describe the three parts that form the coupon message. The last input let us select which of the created coupons in stripe we want to offer.


You can also offer subscription pauses. A pause lets the user stop paying for the subscriptions for a few months where he/she don't expect to use the product (summer for example) and then restart again after it automatically (no work required from the user). The last field allows us to set the maximum amount of months a user can pause the subscription.
At that point of the flow, the cancelling user can accept the offer of not. If the user accepts the offer, we notify the application of the offer and the flow finishes. If the user decides to not accept the proposed offer or there is no offer associated to the survey option chosen by the user then we just pass to the cancellation page.

Cancellation Page

The cancellation page describes the messages the user will se when cancelling the subscription.